Farmagomma was founded in 1949. It started out by producing elastomers for a wide range of applications but quickly began to specialize in producing storage and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It became particularly renowned for the production of stoppers for injectable antibiotics in solution and in the production of pipettes for droppers. Subsequently it broadened its production to encompass components for the medical sector and disposable equipment.

At least 30% of our turnover is now derived from export sales to most major countries in the world. Our production exceeds hundreds mio pieces per year covering a vast array of products that includes:

• Pipette droppers for eyes and ears, cosmetics and oral liquid medicines.
• Plugs and connectors for disposable drips, transfusion or haemodialysis kits.
• Discs and plungers  for insulin syringes.
• Terminators for urology packs.
• Stoppers for solutions, plasmas, vaccines, injectable vitamins, antibiotics and dry powders.
• Physiologically inert stoppers for contact lens containers.
• Stoppers for bulk pharmaceutical containers.
• Stoppers for blood sample vials.
• Piston fixtures for syringes.

During the course of its life in business, in response to the ever-growing needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries, the company has built on its growing experience to develop compounds with low levels of toxicity and deterioration based on a variety of different polymers (NR, IIR, NBR, SBR, IR and Silicon). Additionally, particular attention is paid to constant technological innovation in our production processes forming the basis for a continual development.

A range of pure compounds are  available for specific  application/markets like polyisoprene rubber for needle point, natural rubber or synthetic rubber for dropper bulbs and pure compounds developed for insulin, liners and plungers application.

All this goes to make the company known as a trusted supplier not only within our home market but also in such countries as the US, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland – in spite of our small size.

Already in 1996 Farmagomma gained the Quality Certifications – UNI EN ISO 9002 – from SGS ICS, a formal recognition of the importance that we have always placed on both quality and service to our customers throughout our company’s history.
According to our policy, in 2002 there was the migration of our Quality System to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) and later in 2009 we migrated to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.