Cosmetic & Healthcare

Farmagomma offers a full range of dropper bulbs for your dispensing needs, with possibilty of customization with unlimited options for different size & styles, compounds & colors. Regardless of your application, we can provide you with your dropper bulb compound solution. Multiple elastomer formulations available for a wide spectrum of drug, essential oil, grease, and ethyl alcohol, specifically developed to meet the requirements of your liquid fill products.          

We do not propose a unique material, but we will support you to find the best option into our range of formulations for the better compatibility and mechanical performance of the bulbs.               

A complete  “in house “ valided production process, permit us to have the complete operation control and traciability from the raw materials to the the delivery.   Farmagomma beeing supplier of the major manufacturers around the market. Delivered with final silicon treatments if required and under clean room enviroment.     

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