Products & Customer Service

Farmagomma can offer  a wide product range that let you choosing a suitable storage and packaging solution for your pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Medical devices applications enclosing specific elastomeric components in blood collection systems, plunger for single-use syringes, a large range of injection sites and connector for your IV-systems. Our injection sites in various designs and compounds in compliance with USP/EP, with resealing properties and excellent machineability.  Farmagomma produces a broad range of standard rubber stoppers and seals for all commonly used glass vials, Stoppers for bulk pharmaceutical containers, all of which meet the pharmaceutical requirements. As for all of our products, our rubber parenteral components are designed to guarantee you: maximum flexibility, process efficiency and, of course, product security. A large choice of standard rubber dropper bulbs for cosmetic and healthcare application, produced with developed and dedicate compounds with pharmaceutical requirements. Our dropper bulbs  in various designs and also in customized shape, with mechanical properties and excellent machineability. Specific liners and discs produced with advanced pure compounds for your application also with food contact requirements. Farmagomma will support you managing the development of your project minimizing the costs at the prototype stage and attending your prototype design till the investments for the industrial tooling equipments. Available resources in place to perform laboratory physico-chemical and functional testing supporting you in the choice of the correct compound both for mechanical and chemical compatibility.