“Quality and compliance makes good business sense”

Farmagomma is the manufacturer and supplier of rubber components for medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging industries. Our specific knowhow focuses on the in house development and manufacture of quality primary packaging for the closure and dosing of liquids.

We are able to support our Customers with customised product development as well as for small quantity demand. All our process is done internally, starting from an highly selection of raw materials that are according to the main positive lists of Regulatory Agencies, to the delivery of finished products to our market. In the middle, a process according to GMP philosophy and since 1996 with a Quality System ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Since 2014 Farmagomma submitted a Drug Master File (DMF No 28503) to FDA Agency that cover the production of our compounds.

Natural Rubber is the most used elastomer, it has the best elasticity and has very good resistance to abrasion, while has low performance for heat aging, resistance to sunlight, oxygen, ozone, solvents or oils. Natural rubber does not age as well as many of the synthetics nor is it as chemically inert as some. A general purpose elastomer intended primarily for aqueous liquid fill products in the 4.0 – 7.5 pH range.

Synthetic elastomers like polyisoprene, styrane butadiene rubber, polybutadiene  are some of the more recent man-made elastomers that have outperformed natural rubber. Available where latex free bulbs are required with mechanical charateristics similar at natural rubber.

Nitrile is recommended for applications where resistance to oils and grease products are required. Withstands abrasion well and is moderate-resistant to ozone. Excellent compatibility with ethyl alcohol, ammonia, ammonium salts, animal fats.

Butyl is a very pure compound formulations provide an high chemical inertness with a low permeability and resistance to sunlight, oxygen, ozone, and the main liquid fill products. Specially recommend for drug application.