Medical Devices Application

Our components for medical devices are produced with a compound specifically developeded for the application, together at a quality level and conformity, consent to Farmagomma beeing supplier of the major manufacturers around the market. Compound is latex free and according to European Pharmacopoeia requirements, with a complete  “in house “ valided production process that permit us to have the complete operation control and traciability from the raw materials to the the delivery.                                 

Needle points available in different design, provide an high chemical inertness and self-sealing with a low permeability and resistance to coring. Designs complaint with international standards.                                                                              

Multiple elastomer formulations available for a wide spectrum of drug or product requirements, available for terminators for urology packs, plugs and connectors for disposable drips, transfusion for haemodialysis kits, piston fixtures for syringes.   

Delivered with final silicon treatments if required and under clean room enviroment.    

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